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Welcome to my site Home Garden Diggers.  I’m Yael.  I am an avid gardener and have been gardening for over 20 years.  I started this site to share some of what I know about my passion and how to garden.  I’m not an expert, by any means; but I do know where to look for answers; and I can talk about what I have learned from my own experience.

I will try to give you the best, most accurate information I can.  I’ll let you know when I find a method or tool that works well in the garden, or whether there is a plant or project that I am excited about.  I will also tell you when something doesn’t work well.  What I won’t do is try to talk you into trying something that I don’t like, myself.

I’m essentially a lazy gardener, and I look for the easiest way to get the best results.  If that sounds like you, come and join me.  I will tell you what I find out as I putter.

Each year is new, with new gardening challenges, and new plants, tools and ideas to try out.  Let me know if you have questions or an idea about something that is working well for you, keeping in mind that much of gardening is very dependent on climate and growing conditions.  Learning from each other only makes gardening that much more fun.

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