My Dopey Bird Fountain

OK Guys.  I have been very remiss with shooting images of my garden.  With one cat that was sick and another cat that had been injured twice in two weeks, and is now minus a nail and plus a bandage.  We have had quite a time with the vet....and the vet bill.  This is about …


Visit To The Olive Mill

Olive Trees And Lavender

What a wonderful we had to an Olive Mill for some Olive Oil Tasting, and tasting other goodies too. The view is spectacular and the weather was perfect. And the gardens and wildflowers were lovely. This was a perfect day.

My Garden In Pink And Red

The Daffodils and Tulips are nearly done in my garden, The rest of the Spring Flowers are starting to bloom in shades of Pink and Red and soon flowers in other shades will burst forth. Come and take a stroll through my garden.

Sunny Southern California

Visiting friends and family in Sunny Southern California, we had a wonderful time in Los Angeles. Warmer than the Pacific Northwest, the Summer Flowers are already blooming. It was nice to see everyone and to see the lovely gardens. Come along with me as I take a walk.

Tulip Festival In My Garden

Tulips In My Garden

This year it is like a Tulip Festival In My Garden. The Spring Flowers are beautiful this year and my Tulips and several of my other flowers are putting on a real show. Come take a stroll through my garden and take a look.

Happy Daylight Savings Time Weekend

Happy Daylight Savings Time Weekend! I love the longer days and hope you do too. I have put together some images of my garden and the beautiful skies of the Spring and Summer months when we get to enjoy having another day at the end of our day. Enjoy

Best Year Ever For Our Hellebores

This is the Best Year Ever For Our Hellebores. My collection of about twenty Hellebores have larger flowers than ever and have so many of them that they are putting on quite a show. Why not take a look at the lovely Hellebores I have blooming right now in my garden.

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