I Spoke Too Soon Snow Day

I spoke too soon. Last week I was showing off my Spring shoots and flowers. Today I have three inches of snow on the ground, and I am waiting to go to the airport to fly out, with promises of freezing rain later in the day. I got quite a few photos of the snow …


I Can’t Believe It’s Fall Already

Red Pinwheel Dahlia

Wow. I have been very lax in posting through the most beautiful part of the Summer. I just can't believe it is Fall already. My Dahlias I planted in my new Dahlia Bed have been spectacular. And my Tomato Harvest has been the best ever. I have been a little distracted by a couple of projects I have been working on. I'll tell you about those too.

The Case of The Disappearing Shade Garden

The Sawed Off Limb

Lo and behold we lost a limb on a tree in our volcano strip. The city removed the limb, but this left a huge hole in the tree canopy and a lot less shade for my shade garden. Take a look at what happened.

My Solstice Daylilies

Happy Solstice! It is the start of Summer and I thought that I would show you some of my Solstice Daylilies, which are my some of my first Summer flowers to bloom. These are the start of the nearly 20 varieties that I have. Come along and take a look.

Sunny Flowers On A Rainy Day

The weather has been erratic. And it has been raining again this morning. Still I got a chance to get out and take some pictures of some Sunny Flowers on a Rainy Day. Come and see some that are brightening up my garden.

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