Worm Composting The Easy Way With A Worm Tower

Worm Composting The Easy Way - See how to make a Worm Tower, which is a really easy way of making Worm Compost Bins. The worms go into the tower to eat and go out into the garden to leave worm castings. All you do is add food and water once the tower is built.

The Community Garden – Rental Garden

Community Garden - Community Gardens are Rental Gardens and are a wonderful way for people with little or no garden space to have the opportunity to garden and grow their own vegetables and flowers. They can usually be rented from a city or county and can be found in many locations and countries.

Cats In The Garden – Cat Friendly Pathway

For our Cats In The Garden, we wanted a more cat friendly pathway. This is how we converted a pathway covered with hazelnuts that was hurt the paws of each garden kitty we have, to a soft pathway covered with gorilla grass. There are also some brief general instructions on making a garden pathway.

How To Grow Tomatoes

How To Grow Tomatoes - Learn how select the right tomato for you, amend the soil, plant your tomatoes in pots and containers or in the garden, learn how to water them correctly to avoid plant diseases and pests as well as a few other cultivation tips. You should end up with delicious home grown tomatoes right from your own garden.

Organic Weeding – Organic Control

Organic Weeding - Learn how to do weeding through organic control that is safe for you and your pets and wildlife. You can do this using several techniques such as mulching and smothering weeds, using pre-emergent organic controls and non-chemical weed killers. This is really not any harder than using chemicals and it is much healthier.

Gardening Tips For Pruning Shrubs Near Your House

Gardening Tips For Pruning Shrubs - Find out about the importance of pruning shrubs away from the house at least 12 inches or more. Increased air circulation reduces the risk of diseased shrubs and also decreases the risk of damage to your home by termites and mildew. A few other reasons for pruning shrubs away from the house are also discussed.

Raised Beds Gardening – How To Make Raised Beds

Raised Beds Gardening - Learn about the benefits of using raised beds and how they actually make gardening easier for you and how they are perfect for all kinds of plants from vegetables to perennials. You can also learn how to make raised beds, what materials you can use, how large to build them, light exposure and soil to use.

How To Get Rid Of Garden Pests – Slugs

How To Get Rid Of Garden Pest - Slugs - Our garden gal talks about the pest we love to hate...the slug. These yukky critters shred people's plants and cause mayhem in the prettiest garden. This post talks about some non-toxic ways to control slugs that are not harmful to you, your pets or wildlife in your garden and which aren't hard to do either.

Container Gardening Tips

Container Gardening - This is a perfect solution for folks who want to garden but do not have much space or no space to make a garden. Container gardens are good for patios or decks and for adding a pot as a focal point to a garden bed. Try a vegetable container garden on your deck or patio or ornamentals in a pot to increase the growing space that you have.

How To Compost

How To Compost - This is composting for the lazy composter. There is no need to follow complicated formulas for adding the right proportions, unless you want to or want faster composting. Compost Happens. See how adding green stuff, brown stuff, air and water will give you this beautiful black gold. It may just take a little longer if you are doing it the lazy way.

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