Signs Of Autumn

Seasons Changing 2

There are definite Signs of Autumn and the Seasons are A' Changin' in my neighborhood. Take a look at some of the first glances of fall color in my area. I also have started on a bed renovation and bottle border that I am showing off. Take a look.

Yosemite Giant Sequoias

On a recent trip we got to see the Yosemite Giant Sequoias. The Mariposa Grove was where we got to see the Giant Sequoia trees. They were truly amazing and absolutely huge. Come to see the pictures I got of these giant trees just on the edge of Yosemite before you get to the Yosemite Valley itself.

Dahlia Time

Its Dahlia Time. Dahlias are some of my favorite late summer flowers. There are so many shapes and colors that I just can't seem to resist. Come along to see some of the dahlias I have in my garden along with some information about care of dahlias.

Yosemite Natures Temple

Yosemite Natures Temple. I have long dreamed of seeing the Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, El Capitan and some of the amazing and breathtaking peaks, vistas, flora and fauna of Yosemite. I finally did. The views are incredible.

Tomatoes In Grow Bags Update Season 2

Tomatoes In Grow Bags Season 2

Tomatoes In Grow Bags Season 2. Here is my update on my progress with container gardening with grow bags and several varieties of tomato. Come and follow me.

Hummingbird Wars Vs Cats In The Garden Again

Rufous Hummingbird On Crocosmia

Hummingbird Wars vs Cats In The Garden Again. The ongoing battle of Hummingbirds between themselves for food and territory and my keeping hummingbirds safe from my Cats in the Garden. See the latest installment.

Fancied Up Fence

We built the new fence, now we are making a Fancied Up Fence with a new clematis, daylilies and pretty trellises. Come take a look at the finished fence and planting bed. We even uncovered the walkway.