Grape Stomp

Stomping Grapes

We had lots of fun at the Grape Stomp and a local winery watching the Stompers begin the process of Wine Making (not really stomped, but they do begin with crushed grapes) We did some Wine Tasting and had a great lunch and did people watching. Take a look at my pictures.

How To Make Hard Cider

Here is an easy recipe How to Make Hard Cider. It also tells a little about my serendipitous hard cider that was achieved quite by accident (namely leaving some unfiltered cider in the refrigerator too long until it started fermenting) It was good too. Take a look at a recipe to do this in a more controlled fashion.


How To Make Mead

Wouldn't it be nice to celebrate the New Year with some homemade Mead? Here are some instructions on How To Make Mead. The Mead won't be ready to drink till Mid Summer, but age it awhile longer and you can ring in the next New Year with your own homemade Honey Wine.

How To Make Wine

Do you want to learn How To Make Wine with a simple Wine Recipe and a some simple wine making equipment for some really delicious Homemade Wine? Here are some instructions that you will want to take a look at. Wine making is easy. I have done it many times. Here is how.

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