Who Is That Garden Thief – Animal Damage In The Garden

Bean Stubs

Who is that garden thief? I don't know. I explore the prime suspects for my neatly bitten off bean vines in the vegetable garden. It is some kind of animal damage in the garden, but is it deer, rabbits, raccoons or something else?

What Vegetables Can I Plant In August

What vegetables can I plant in August? There are still some vegetables I can plant in August in the Willamette Valley in Oregon for a fall harvest, winter vegetable harvest or even a spring harvest. Find out what vegetables you can plant in your garden and check up on mine.

Urban Gardens And Urban Farms – New Proposal In Chicago

New proposal in Chicago city council would benefit urban gardens and urban farms. By easing restrictions in city ordinances, it hopes to encourage increased urban gardening, increase produce available and increase jobs in urban farming. See what the proposal is about. Some other bloggers are talking about it too.


What Vegetables Can I Plant In July

What vegetables can I plant in July. You would be surprised. They are mostly for fall vegetable harvest. Get recommendations from your local Cooperative Extension, but you can also push the envelope if the veggie is just outside the recommendation, because some micro-climates are different. Try it.

What Vegetables Can I Plant In June

I wanted to know what vegetables I can plant in June. Some vegetables are a little late, but there were many things I could still plant. I found out from our Cooperative Extension's website. Most people should also be able to find out similar information for their areas from their own local Cooperative Extension or local gardening groups. See what I am still able to plant.

The Community Garden – Rental Garden

Community Garden - Community Gardens are Rental Gardens and are a wonderful way for people with little or no garden space to have the opportunity to garden and grow their own vegetables and flowers. They can usually be rented from a city or county and can be found in many locations and countries.

How To Grow Tomatoes

How To Grow Tomatoes - Learn how select the right tomato for you, amend the soil, plant your tomatoes in pots and containers or in the garden, learn how to water them correctly to avoid plant diseases and pests as well as a few other cultivation tips. You should end up with delicious home grown tomatoes right from your own garden.

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