Inviting Pollinators To Our Gardens Review

Bumble Bee In My Garden

Inviting Pollinators To Our Gardens Review discusses a blog post by Jen at Garden Stems who had been privileged to hear David Salman of High Country Gardens discuss how to create a healthy garden environment for attracting and keeping pollinators in the garden. The perspective had some new emphasis.


Backyard Beekeeping

Learn about backyard beekeeping. Have the benefit of honey and getting your garden pollinated at the same time. Beekeeping is increasingly popular and beekeeping equipment is easy to obtain. Learn more about this fascinating hobby.

Edible Flowers I Like Or Want To Try

There are a lot of edible flowers. Take a look at a list of edible flowers that I like or want to try, and find out a little about using and cooking with flowers. The list is not exhaustive, but is a good start. You may find some you want to try. Also, tell us about some you like.

How To Make A Lasagna Garden

How To Make A Lasagna Garden - Lasagna Gardening is an easy no dig, no till method of building an Organic Garden. All you have to do is put down a smother layer of cardboard or paper and start layering carbon materials (like leaves) and nitrogen materials (like grass clippings). Top with some compost and plant.

Organic Weeding – Organic Control

Organic Weeding - Learn how to do weeding through organic control that is safe for you and your pets and wildlife. You can do this using several techniques such as mulching and smothering weeds, using pre-emergent organic controls and non-chemical weed killers. This is really not any harder than using chemicals and it is much healthier.

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