How To Attract Humming Birds

Here are a few basic tips on how to attract humming birds to the garden and what kinds of flowers and plants that attract humming birds. There is also a recipe for making nectar for them.

Bearded Irises And How To Grow Them

Bearded Irises are beautiful and easy to grow. Irises grow in a variety of climates, but do like their sun and good drainage. Learn a few tips on planting Iris Bulbs or tubers and how to take care of them.

Spring Gardening – Garden Clean Up At My House

Spring Gardening - Garden Clean Up At My House A gardener talks about the woes of the extended spring rains this year and her woefully behind spring garden clean up and garden maintenance. Yet, with improved weather and a rush of activity some spring garden projects finally got done which included adding a patio screen and getting some hazelnuts moved onto a garden pathway.

Spring Gardening – Garden Clean Up

Spring Gardening - Garden Clean Up - It is not too late to do garden maintenance in spring, even if you didn't get some of these done in fall. You can still do them with the rest of your spring gardening. Now is also the time to take care for winter plant damage along with any other pruning and clean up chores as well as fertilizing and mulching.