You Just Might Be A Master Gardener If

If you are a garden enthusiast and love helping others, you may want to find out how to become a Master Gardener and be able to volunteer helping other gardeners. Master Gardener Classes take several weeks and cover all aspects of gardening and how to help other gardeners. Find out about the Master Gardener Program and become involved.


Hummingbird Wars

Rufous Scanning The Skies

Hummingbird Wars - Coming now to a humming bird feeder near you. See how this gardener watched the hummingbirds go at it for two days in a row. Hummingbird territoriality and aggression are reasons they have been called a bird of war in some cultures. They are endlessly fascinating to watch. But duck if a Rufous is dive bombing.

An Oak Park Michigan Woman Faces Jail For Planting Vegetables

Here is the ridiculous story of an Oak Park MI woman who faces jail for planting vegetables in her front yard. After Julie Bass had contacted the city inquiring about what she can plant, the city now says that vegetables are not "suitable living plant material" and she must move them. She refuses since the directions were so hazy in the first place, and a court battle is now due the end of July.

How To Grow Daylilies

How To Grow Daylilies - Growing Daylily is very easy to do, and they require little care once established. Planting Day Lilies needs a sunny spot with some amended soil. They will need moderate water and fertilizer until established, but after that, are pretty carefree. I have gotten bitten by the daylily bug and now have about 20 of them. Take a look at my video to see what is blooming now.

I’m Harvesting Oregon Strawberries

I am harvesting my Oregon Strawberries - (Really they are Washington Strawberries that I brought to my garden in Oregon. My home grown strawberries are the absolute sweetest I have ever had and by far beat anything in the store.

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