Mosaic Monday – November 7

Mosaic Monday - November 7

Mosaic Monday - November 7 Most of the interest in my garden is what remains of the fall color and the increased activity of birds at my feeders which make backyard birding fun for me. Take a look at some of the photos I have in my garden this first weekend of Standard Time.

Mosaic Monday – October 24

Mosaic Monday - October 24

Inspired by a post in another blog about a grass nursery that specializes in grasses right here in my town, I took a trip this weekend and, of course found something to buy. Take a look at the cool grasses I bought as well as other grasses that I have in my garden for this Mosaic Monday.


Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – October

Autumn Dogwood And Grass

It's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - October. My mid October offerings are fully autumn now. Most of my flowers are gone and what I have left is glorious autumn foliage on trees and shrubs...some pumpkins tool. Come and take a brief tour of my garden on this fine, foggy October day.

Mosaic Monday – Trip To A Pumpkin Farm

Mosaic Monday - Trip To A Pumpkin Farm

Mosaic Monday - Trip To A Pumpkin Farm. Take a look at this mosaic of all the cool pumpkins we picked out when we went to a pumpkin farm this weekend. I like the unusual and odd shaped ones. And I get a nice pumpkin display without even carving. It was much cheaper than buying pumpkins at a supermarket and a lot more fun.

Mosaic Monday – A Very Autumn Day

Mosaic Monday - A Very Autumn Day

Mosaic Monday - A Very Autumn Day This Mosaic Monday we are seeing how Autumn this really is. The wind is blowing and it is raining...back to our Northwest normal. See some of the signs of autumn in this mosaic...wind blown trees, seed heads on flowers, and Halloween decorations.

Mosaic Monday – October 3

Mosaic Monday - October 3

It's Mosaic Monday - October 3. Fall is definitely upon us. Leaves are beginning to littler the sidewalks and the rains have begun. Take a look at some of the beautiful photos I got to signify the beginning of Fall.

Mosaic Monday – Last Gasp Of Summer

Mosaic Monday - Last Gasp Of Summer

Mosaic Monday - Last Gasp of Summer. Autumn is definitely arriving here, even though some of our flowers are still blooming strongly. Take a look at a few photos from the remains of summer and the beginning of autumn.

Mosaic Monday – Fall Nature Trip To A Dahlia Farm

Mosaic Monday - Fall Nature Trip To A Dahlia Farm

For Mosaic Monday I have some pictures of a Dahlia Farm that we took on a Fall Nature Trip. Of course, we couldn't resist buying some. Take a look at the pictures of some of the beautiful dahlias we saw and bought.

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