Understanding Climate Zones

Understanding Climate Zones is important to gardeners . That way you know what kind of plants to put in your garden. There are several different climate zone systems in use. I will talk about the ones used in the United States but there are others other climate zone systems in use in Australia, Europe and …


What Are Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners are a wonderful, free resource to the public. They provide Garden Education on How To Garden through plant clinics, school programs, phone lines and more. Programs to become a Master Gardener are held in each state, after which there is a certain number of hours to repay. This is a very worthwhile resource.

How To Get Free Plants

How To Get Free Plants. Find out how to save money on gardening . You can get several free plants by dividing only one plant. You can also salvage plants, but ask first. And you can get plants by sharing plants or seeds.

Gardening Tips For Pruning Shrubs Near Your House

Gardening Tips For Pruning Shrubs - Find out about the importance of pruning shrubs away from the house at least 12 inches or more. Increased air circulation reduces the risk of diseased shrubs and also decreases the risk of damage to your home by termites and mildew. A few other reasons for pruning shrubs away from the house are also discussed.

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