How To Make Potting Soil

Potting soil is one of the essential gardening supplies. However, it can be expensive. Here are several different potting soil mixtures. You should be able to find a potting soil recipe that you like for whatever you want to grow in pots and containers.

Favorite Gardening Tools – Pruning Tools

A gardener talks about her Favorite Gardening Tools, her Pruning Tools; and highlights her bypass Pruner, bypass Lopper and her Pruning Shear, all of which are indispensable in her garden. She also discusses a few tips for maintaining these tools in good order.

A Garden Tool I Didn’t Know I Had

A Garden Tool I Didn't Know I Had. This gardener finds a new use for an old tool and repurposes her snow shovel to move compost into her garden beds. That way she was able to take much bigger shovels full of compost and just dump it. This was so much less work than using one of the other smaller garden shovels to do the same job.

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