How To Make A Butterfly Garden

How To Make A Butterfly Garden - It is not too early to start planning a butterfly garden. In fact now is the perfect time to find how attract butterflies and what butterfly flowers and butterfly plants to use to provide habitat and food for butterfly larvae and adults. Take a look.


How To Build A Cold Frame – Three Methods

How To Build A Cold Frame - Three Methods Take a look at three different methods to build a cold frame. Two of them don't use any woodworking at all. You can extend the growing season using a cold frame using the hoop method, no woodworking cinder block method, or the wood construction cold frame method.

Quick Patio Shade Screen Update

See the results of the easy patio shade screen we improvised from five trellises and a deck privacy screen fashioned of ripstop nylon. Not magazine material, but it functions and doesn't look bad, if I do say so myself.

How To Build A Pergola

Summer is the perfect time to work on some of those projects that will make your garden more enjoyable. Learn how to build a pergola. A pergola will give you more shade and add beauty to your garden. Building a pergola is fun. And there are many pergola designs and pergola plans that you can use in your garden.

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