Plants Slugs Hate

There really are plants slugs hate. I have listed a bunch of slug resistant plants in this post and some of the reasons why I think something is a slug resistant plant. And if that fails, I also listed a few other slug control methods. Come take a look.

Hummingbird Wars vs Cats In The Garden

Rufous Guarding Crocosmia

My Cats In The Garden Meet The Hummingbird Wars I recently wrote about the Hummingbird Wars in our garden. The Anna's hummingbirds and the Rufous hummingbirds who chase each other to protect their source of nectar. Whether it's the flowers or the hummingbird feeder they guard and watch and chase the other off. But that's …


Tomato Blight Paranoia

Call me paranoid, but I have a real thing about late blight on tomatoes. I go to all kinds of lengths to assure late blight control and tomato blight treatment of my tomatoes. Read my cautionary tale and take a look at a video of me pruning my tomatoes to prevent blight.

How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

Learn several methods of how to get rid of stink bugs. Getting rid of stink bugs can be a challenge. They have been damaging crops and invading homes. They are altogether unpleasant. Yet there are ways to control stink bugs. Learn about a few of them.

How To Attract Beneficial Insects

See how using the right kinds of plants attracts Beneficial Insects to your garden. A few plant families are particularly good for attracting the good bugs and providing a biological control for the bad bugs. You can avoid needing pesticides this way.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is a system of Pest Control that starts with establishing healthy growing conditions for your plants to prevent problems. Then if problems occur, Garden Pests are managed, starting with the least toxic means first before going on to stronger methods.

How To Get Rid Of Garden Pests – Slugs

How To Get Rid Of Garden Pest - Slugs - Our garden gal talks about the pest we love to hate...the slug. These yukky critters shred people's plants and cause mayhem in the prettiest garden. This post talks about some non-toxic ways to control slugs that are not harmful to you, your pets or wildlife in your garden and which aren't hard to do either.

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