Tomatoes In Grow Bags Season 2

Tomatoes In Grow Bags Season 2

Tomatoes In Grow Bags Season 2. I'm trying again to grow my tomatoes in grow bags. I have a few ideas about what didn't work well last year for this container gardeing method, and I am trying them out. Come and see what I am trying this year.

Potatoes In Grow Bags – Final Harvest

Potatoes In Grow Bags - Final Harvest

I did my Final Harvest of the Potatoes In Grow Bags. Container Gardening is a great way to make space when you have no space for veggies. The results were a split decision, but one that I will try again with what I learned. See my results.

Update On Tomatoes In Grow Bags And Potatoes In Grow Bags

This is an update on my efforts with potatoes in grow bags and tomatoes in grow bags as well as some of my other vegetables in grow bags and pots. They all seem to be doing quite well and a brief video shows just how they are doing.

Potatoes In Grow Bags Update – First Harvest

Today I have my first harvest of my potatoes in grow bags. This effort in container gardening seems to be paying off. The grow bags seem to keep the soil warm and my potatoes have begun producing much sooner than if I had planted them in the ground in my Willamette Valley, Oregon, Zone 8 garden.