Happy Hanukkah All

Hanukkah Menorah In Window
Hanukkah Menorah In Window

Hi all. I wanted to wish everyone who celebrates a Very Happy Hanukkah on this second day.

I have been very bad about writing on my blog. We have been doing a whole bunch of stuff around the house. We put up a new patio cover which makes our deck even more enjoyable than it already was. Now we can sit out there even when it’s raining as long as it’s not too cold.

And we took this wonderful tour of all the national parks in Utah with over 2000 pictures to show for it.

Froggie Garden Art
Froggie Garden Art

But now here we are, it’s Hanukkah, and I thought I better get back into the swing of things of writing on my blog. See the cute little piece of garden art that is my Hanukkah present from me to me. I think he is so cute.

It really looks like winter here now. The wind storm came along last week and blew the last of the leaves off our trees.

I’ll try to do a little bit better about posting. Hope all of you have a wonderful Hanukkah or Christmas.


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