I Can’t Believe It’s Fall Already

Friends, I’m sorry for not keeping up with my website through the most beautiful part of the summer, and it is Fall already.   Maybe it’s because I was out mostly admiring my garden?  That is partially true.

I have had wonderful results from the Dahlias in the new Dahlia bed that we put in.  They have never been better and shot up like weeds, towering 4-5 feet with so many flowers that we couldn’t keep our vases full.  Here are some of the beauties that I have had this summer. And they are still coming.

Red Pinwheel Dahlia
The Red Pinwheel Dahlia is one of my favorites.
IOrange Dahlia
Isn’t this Orange Dahlia a beauty.  It is also a favorite.
Blue Dahlia
This is about the closest you get to Blue in a Dahlia.  The true color is actually a little bluer.
Cheyenne is a real favorite of mine.  I saw this at on a garden tour and had to have it.
Purple And White Dahlia
This Purple and White Dahlia has been one we have loved for a very long time.  This year they are bigger and prettier than ever.
Green Tiger Tomato
My Tomatoes have, likewise, never produced so many, now that I have had them in my new raised beds.  I finally cut them all down a week ago when we started getting a lot of rain and they were all splitting.  Most I roasted, and a bunch we ate.
I have particularly liked the Green Tiger Tomatoes, which are an heirloom variety.  They were sweet, but took a long time to ripen.  Even the Yellow Pear Tomatoes were really good, and I have not had good results with those for years.  The flavor had been rather bla.  This year they were quite tasty.
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I promise to not be so tardy in posting.  I have missed all of you.  Happy Fall, everyone!
Dahlia Mosaic




5 Replies to “I Can’t Believe It’s Fall Already”

  1. Your dahlias are lovely, the orange one looks just like a bloom I saw today on a dahlia plant that was left in the ground over winter and grew by itself this year, and is blooming for the first time now. It would have done better if I had dug it, maybe I will this time.


    1. I love that orange one. I believe that we will try leaving ours in the ground this year. I plan to cover the area with a tarp, it prevents them from getting soggy. And a lot of leaves insulates them from the cold.


  2. Hi Yael! So nice to hear from you today, and glad you liked our entry area. We had a really busy summer here, and it’s still pretty busy, so I’ve not been able to blog or play in the garden as much as I would like, but still enjoying some tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, and the apples are about ready to pick. Still have some pretty zinnias and sunflowers out there, too. Now I have dahlia lust after seeing your gorgeous ones!


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