Where Is The Summer Going

So where is the summer going?  It seems that I was just welcoming the first daffodils in my garden and here we are at the end of July.
Shasta DaisiesI have still not finished my summer pruning.  And I am now beginning to deadhead my Shasta Daisies (cut back actually, since they usually won’t bloom again.).  I really need to open up the space for my Rose Of Sharon to bloom.  You remember the one that I had intentions of turning into a standard last year, when I discovered two different colored blooms?  Well, it has been rather buried by the Shasta Daisies, and it has buds.  Can’t wait till it blooms.
Dahlia BedMy Dahlias are doing very well in he new Dahlia bed.
Rudbeckia VolunteerAnd I have a volunteer Rudbeckia.
Neighbors ClematisMy neighbor is sharing his Clematis with me over the fence.
Tomato Beginning To ColorAnd I even have a few tomatoes beginning to show some color.  Can’t wait, especially for the Green Tiger Tomato, which I have never tried before.
Ripening MarionberryWe have a new Marionberry in a pot with one ripe berry.  You can’t see it very well because of the shadow.
Bees Love The OreganoThere are no lack of bees in my yard.  They almost swarm over all of the blooming oregano that I have.  I was too lazy to get my good camera, but in this patch of Oregano, I sat and watched at least four different kinds of bees busy on the lowers…Honey Bees, Mason Bees, at least two kinds of very tiny Bees, but no Bumblers.  We have plenty of those at other times.
imageWhere to now?  The Daylilies are beginning to wind down a little, but the Dahlias and Echinacea are in full swing.  Soon I will get ripe Tomatoes and maybe a few Cukes.  Then by August’s end, onward toward Fall.  Way too fast.



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