Summer Garden Sizzle In Red

Echinacea In Shadow

My Summer Garden is in full swing, and it just sizzles in red, orange and purple.  I am very happy with the iris beds that I put in.  It makes the garden so much more tidy.  We already made one big change this summer already.  A huge Rhodie that I had by my deck was completely covered by teeny tiny lace bugs.  We started by renovating the Rhodie, but decided we really liked opening up the area, and took it out entirely.  We are turning that space into an extension of the deck.  No deck yet, but we just put in some wood chips and moved some pots there.  We Love it.

My garden has all kinds of flowers blooming and the veggies are producing.

Pink And Red Daylily

This vivid Pink and Red Daylily has a prime spot in our Volcano Strip.

Echinacea Hot Lava Opening

Also in the Volcano Strip, this Hot Lava Echinacea is beginning to open.  The green center is just glowing.

Ghost Spider In Pinwheel Dahlia

A little ghost Spider has found a home in the petal of my Red Pinwheel Dahlia.

Red Daylily

And this bright Red Daylily sits under my living room window.

Pumpkin Orange Daylily

Pumpkin orange another of my Daylilies puts on a show.

Red Pinwheel Dahlia

This is a good view of my Red Pinwheel Dahlia’s entire flower.

Bees On Drumstick Allium

I have many bees in my garden.  Two of them have found the Drumstick Allium in my back yard.

Magenta Daylily

This Daylily is bright Magenta, almost Purple.

Crocosmia Lucifer

But the Reddest flower of all in my garden right now is my Crocosmia Lucifer.  We got it staked up just in time for it to bloom, because dozens of Hummingbirds love to come for the nectar.  And we thwart our kitties however we can. to give the Hummers protection.

There are more Reds in my garden right now, but these were the best of them.




18 Replies to “Summer Garden Sizzle In Red”

  1. What gorgeous blooms you have happening in your garden! The dahlia is so fancy, and I love the shade of the magenta daylily 🙂 Popped over from Fishtail Cottage.


    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thanks and thanks for coming by. I really love both of those too. I think that dahlia is one of my favorites.



    1. Hi Gunilla,

      Thanks. I have been told I can’t buy any more. I don’t really listen. Thanks for coming by. Happy Friday.



    1. Sallie,

      Thanks and thanks for coming by. Those pinwheel dahlias are some of my favorites.



  2. Wow, simply gorgeous! I put in a Crocosmia last year, but it didn’t come back. I was so looking forward to seeing it bloom. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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