Visit To The Olive Mill

I’m very tardy in adding to my blog.  We had the most wonderful excursions in the past two weeks.  The first was our trip to Schreiners Iris Farm here in Salem.  I forgot to bring my camera, so I have nothing to show, although my own irises mostly came from there.  So enjoy my last post, if you haven’t already.  Our next trip was to an Olive Grove, right here in Oregon, which had olive oil and wine tasting.  The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time.  The photos all belong to my friend, Mary Gabriel, who lent me her camera to download to my computer.  So enjoy, as I walk through the Olive Mill’s garden.

Olive Oil Tasting Entryway

This is the entryway to the Mill, planted with beautiful wildflowers.

Olive Oil Tasting The View From Olive Mill

This is the view from this lovely site situated off of Rt. 99 W.  What a lovely view.

Olive Oil Tasting Wildflowers

More wildflowers.  These are just lovely.  The wheels are turning about doing this in my yard rather than fighting the grass.

Olive Groves In Oregon

These are some of the Olive Groves, right here in Oregon.  I bet you didn’t think we could grow olives here.  Just beautiful.  Nice olives and olive oil.

Olive Trees And Lavender

A few olive trees and lavender.  This is a lovely image.  This is a really lovely spot.

Wisteria On An Arbor

A white wisteria was trained up over an arbor on the grounds.  This was a lovely arbor.

In The Knot Garden

This was a portion of the knot garden that contained lots of lavender, thyme, herbs and flowers.  Lovely and smelled so nice.

Olive Oil Tasting Formal Bed 2

A formal bed with boxwood hedge formed the center of the knot garden.

I am afraid that these were all of the photos that we took.  We got too busy tasting olive oil, wine, cheese, honey and lamb sausages to take any more photos.

But we did a little bit of shopping there and bought some wonderful meadow foam honey.  OMG.  It tastes like vanilla.  And, of course we bought some olive oil, as we are olive oil club members and our membership got us into this tasting for free.  And we browsed the nursery next door.  What a great time we had.



7 Replies to “Visit To The Olive Mill”

    1. Hi Gracie,

      Thanks. It was fun to go there. I can’t wait for even warmer weather, because we plan to picnic there with such lovely views.



  1. What a great place! I’ve purchased may irises from Schreiners as well, and that must be a fantastic experience when the irises are in full bloom! Larry


    1. Larry,

      I purchased my first irises from Schreiners when I lived in Washington, but never got to see their gardens till I moved to Oregon. Now we go each spring to see the display gardens even when we don’t buy anything.


  2. Simply gorgeous! I loved all of the pictures. Thanks to your friend for sharing. That Wisteria is breathtaking. I too will be gone for two weeks soon. I feel I am missing out a whole lot already. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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