First Irises

The Irises have started blooming in my garden and I am now getting my First Irises of the year.  It is always wonderful to see these Spring Bloomers start to put on their show, and then to see the wonderful variety of colors that I get. This year I have a new Iris bed.  I had been concerned that I might not get as many Irises blooming in the first year.  But here they are.  Almost all the Irises have buds, and I hope to get a good show.

First Irises 1

Isn’t she lovely?  I now have a new Macro Lens for my camera, so I am playing with it getting some fairly closeup shots.

First Irises 2-4

Here is another view from the top of this Iris.

First Irises 2-5

And another.  I think the lens is doing a fairly good job.  I love the early sunshine on my Irises.

First Irises 2-3

And even more of a closeup.  I think I am really going to like this Macro Lens.  I could never have gotten this shot with my kit lens.  But now I have the problem that I think my camera may be outdated (Nikon D40 with 6.5 megapixel resolution) with not enough resolution.  Still I am loving the pictures that I get.

First Irises 2-6

Here is a Pale Purple Iris starting to open up.  Can’t wait to see which one this is.  I plan to label my Irises this year after I see what blooms.  I may Finally get some organization to this Iris Bed.  I am also trying to eliminate excess duplicates.  Anything that has more than two of the same kind gets to go to another home.

First Irises 2-9

This Old Fashioned Iris has Many, many duplicates.  I have been trying to dig up the extras for two years now.  I already have eight of them blooming now.  All but two that are in my new bed will go to new homes.

First Irises 2-8

Also blooming are my Siberian Irises.  The clump I have has Many blooms this year.  It is almost time to divide this clump again.

First Irises 2-7

See how pretty they are?

First Irises 2-10

The only Irises blooming in my front yard are this White Iris and a few of the purple ones.  I am keeping the purple ones in the front, but everything in the back except for two will go.

First Irises 2-11

And this is how my front yard looks with Irises, Alliums and the last of the Tulips blooming.

Iris Mosaic


Thanks for visiting.  I hope you like the very first of my Irises.  There will be more to come.



17 Replies to “First Irises”

  1. Your irises are up,my son’s are up, but as yet all I have up it the lovely green foliage. The purple and white ones are so fluffy and pretty.Like the mixed colors. genie


    1. Hi Gunilla,

      Thanks. I am having fun. Sorry I didn’t get back to you last week. Sick kitty. All better now.



  2. Hello from France.

    Your irises are gorgeous. Very inspiring for a painter :o)
    I love also the Old fashioned ones because they remind me those that grew in our family garden. Beautiful.


  3. Hello from Colorado,
    Your iris are beautiful, and love your pictures . I have a few dwarfs blooming so far and lots of green . . . we had some snow about a month ago and some of our green on the tips froze. It was very unusual for this late . . . too chilly. I can relate to wanting to organize and label different colors. I Love Iris and yours are Beauties . . Happy Gardening


  4. Purple is my favorite color, and I love irises. Mine will be blooming any day now. They are soooooo close.


  5. My irises just opened up this weekend. I love them, but it rained the other night and now many of them fell over. I guess I will have to stake them, but it is such a pain to do so.


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