My Garden In Pink And Red

A week ago it wasTulips in full bloom showing off, and now you can see all most of the other Spring flowers in My Garden In Pink And Red.  Most of my Spring Flowers are blooming and putting on a show in all the different shades of pink and red.  Come on into my garden to take a look.

Dogwood Mosaic

I have two Dogwoods in my yard.  The one in my back yard blooms in an intense pink.  We really love this Dogwood.

Dogwood Mosaic 2

The other Dogwood is in my front yard and is a more delicate pink.

Clematis Mosaic

My Clematis Montana began blooming and is starting to fill out.  I can’t wait until it grows even more.

Tree Peony Mosaic

My Tree Peony began blooming Friday and I don’t think I have ever seen so many blooms.  There must be at least ten blossoms.  I love the intense magenta color.

Azalea Mosaic

Also magenta, are several of my Azaleas.  Two are in my back yard by my deck and another two are on either side of my front yard.

Lilac Mosaic

Not quite pink, but my Lilac is a lovely shade of lilac.  It began blooming about a week and a half ago, and I can smell the fragrance across the yard.

Exbury Azalea

My Exbury Azalea is about ready to bloom.  It is a Chinese Red.

Bleeding Heart Mosaic

My Bleeding Heart is in full bloom, and has self seeded with two more new plants.  I’m happy about that.

Strawberry Mosaic

The bed of Ornamental Strawberries is starting to bloom.  They are a really pretty shade of bright magenta.

Garden In Pink And Red-159

The blooms on the Rhododendron by my deck is starting to bloom.

Garden In Pink And Red-146

And my Elderberry has gorgeous black foliage and the pink flower buds are starting to show.

Garden In Pink And Red-89

This is the only Trillium that I have.  I do wish that I had more.

Garden In Pink And Red-116

The Tulips are starting to, but this one is still looking good.

Garden In Pink And Red-93

I really don’t know what this flower is, but it is in a shady section of my garden.

Garden In Pink And Red-176

I planted Crimson Clover as a cover crop in my yard to prevent early spring weeds and because I like the color of the blooms.  They will be really pretty in about a week or two with lots of bright red flowers.  The plants will dry out after blooming, but in the meantime, they will put on a show.  I will cut them down then, so my summer bloomers can have their time in the garden.

Garden In Pink And Red-179

This last flower is one of the first of my Alliums that is beginning to open up.  I have quite a few Alliums, which are related to Onions in my yard in shades of blue and purple.

With so much blooming now I feel that my yard is really getting into the swing of things.  I have planted some veggies and will be planting more.  This is going to be a great summer.



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