Tulip Festival In My Garden

Tulips In My Garden

Looking out my front window, I am really beginning to think that I have a Tulip Festival In My Garden….well almost.  I planted lots of new tulips this year.  I did not have too many, then for last year I planted a bunch of daffodils, and the display was wonderful.  I seem to have lost some of some of those, but the tulips I planted are almost in full bloom now.  I am really enjoying all of the different ones that I bought.

I already had a few tulips, mostly in red and white.  But I am a lover of the pinks and purples…..so, what I planted was pink, purple and yellow tulips for the most part.  I also planted three kinds of parrot tulips.  I really love those for their wild color patterns.  Take a stroll through my tulip garden and beyond.

Pale Pink Tulip

My Pale Pink Tulip  These are some of my favorite tulips.  I love the pale pink color.

Clump Of Magenta Tulips

Clump of Magenta And Orange Tulips

Magenta Tulip Clump

Magenta Tulip in my garden.   I have quite a few Magenta Tulips.

Open Magenta Tulip

Open Magenta Tulips  I really liked the form.  I took all my photos right after some rain, so many of the tulips have rain drops on them.

Pink Daffodil

One of my Pink Daffodils.  I thought I had lost these, but a whole clump of them came up.

Clump Red And White Tulips

Clump Red And White Tulips  I really like these Red and White ones.

Red And White Tulip

Red And White Tulip

Red Tulip 2

Red Tulip

Clump Orange Tulips

Clump Light Orange Tulips

Red Orange Tulip

Red Orange Tulip  And I love this coppery red color.

Spiky Yellow Tulip

Spiky Yellow Tulip  This tulip is the only one I have that is spiky.  It is a really cool tulip shape.

Pink Flowering Currant

My Pink Flowering Currant is really pretty this year.  And it is in full bloom right now.

Pink Flowering Currant Bloom

Pink Flowering Currant Bloom

Red Parrot Tulip

Red Parrot Tulip  This is one of three Parrot tulips that I have.  My other one has already finished blooming.

Muscari And Candytuft

Muscari And Candytuft  I like they way they weave together.




This Epimedium is a really sweet flower.  I have three, but so far, they are all still in pots.  I plan to plant them in the garden soon.

This is the height of my Tulip blooms.  They are so pretty in the garden.  I would like to plant even more.

Tulip Mosaic



16 Replies to “Tulip Festival In My Garden”

    1. Hi Gunilla,

      Thanks and thanks for coming by. Hope you are getting some spring flowers wehre you are.



    1. Thanks Latane, and thanks for coming by. I just started planting tulips a couple years ago. We have been here five years and when we moved in there were only three. I have planted many more.



  1. I love Parrot tulips! We are getting a new fence and I can’t wait to get some tulip bulbs to plant inside our backyard. Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Greens!


    1. Thanks Becky,

      I love parrot tulips too. I ended up getting two new kinds this year and I am very happy with them.



  2. I love tulips. Mine are not open yet, the buds are just beginning to form. Soon, though. I love the pink ones best.

    visiting from Mosaic Monday.


    1. Hi Lorries,

      Thanks and thanks for coming by. I am so happy that we have our tulips blooming now. Hope that yours will open soon.



    1. Thanks. The the red flowering currant is one of our Northwest natives. The pink variety is a real beauty.



  3. Hi Yael: Nice to hear from you over at my blog. Your flowers are gorgeous–the tulips are amazing! I am in love with your double pink daffodils as well. I can never seem to get those to grow for me, so I will live vicariously through your pictures instead 🙂 Have fun with the grandkids, and have a lovely week!


  4. Yeal- Thanks for taking us along on your grand tulip tour! I don’t have a deer fence yet, so no tulips for me! The colors and varieties are breath-taking. Happy Spring!


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