Sunny Daffodils

I would say that Spring is really here now with these true Spring flowers.  We are only a few days away from the Spring Equinox.  But the real signs of Spring are the Daffodils.  And here they are.  I just wanted to post some photos of my Daffs.

Daffodil Mosaic 1

Pretty aren’t they.  I love their sunny color.  And I have several different types.  See the all yellow ones, and the pink one and the one with the orange center.

Daffodil Mosaic 2

More of my Daffs.  I love the white one with the yellow center, and the pretty sunny yellow double one.  This little one is only half the size of my full size daffs.  I think one of Tet a Tet’s got in this clump.  And how did that Tulip get in there.  It will be another two weeks before any of the bloom.


Some of my Daffodils are waiting to bloom.  And another of my orange centered Daffs.  One of my Parrot Tulips looks almost ready to bloom.  And my pretty Muscari are in full bloom in my front yard.  The back yard is a little behind.

I love my sunny Daffodils.  I have some Hyacinths in bloom now.  Can’t wait till the Tulips start in.


Happy Spring everyone!



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