Frosty January Morning

We have been fairy fortunate with mild temperatures all the way up to New Years. January 1st was one of our first really cold days. This morning is also a really Frosty January Morning with temperatures in the low 20’s. There is a heavy frost, the hummingbird feeders froze and the cats came back in after only five minutes. On the other hand I got some beautiful frosty pictures.  They aren’t as nice as I had hoped, because a bank of freezing fog moved in very quickly as I was taking pictures, and before long the wonderful morning light was obscured.

Freezing Fog BankThe beginning of the fog bank is coming my way.


Freezing Fog DescendedOnce descended, the fog engulfed everything.  The roofs are very frosty, and will become even more frosty.


Frosty Sweetgum LeavesSweetgum leaves covered in frost.


Frost On WindshieldMy car’s windshield has feathers of frost spreading from one side to the other.


Frozen Hummingbird FeederThe hummingbird feeder is frosted, and soon I will need to change the nectar again when it, too, becomes frozen.


Frosty Hellebore 2One of my blooming Hellebores is frosted up.


Frosty SarccacoccaAs is my Sarcococca.  Tiny blooms are beginning to appear and the scent is heavenly.


Frosty Seed HeadsFrosted Seed Heads on my Sedum and grass.


Frosty Black Mondo GrassAnd my Black Mondo Grass is covered with frost.


Frosty AzaleaThe Azalea’s winter color is a beautiful red and is now edged with frost.


Frost On LanternAnd I was able to get this closeup of a lantern edged with heavy frost.

imageThe weather forecast for today and for the next several days is for very cold mornings and temperatures only reaching into the 30’s.  And I will enjoy.  Hoping your mornings are as beautiful as this and not too cold where you are.



20 Replies to “Frosty January Morning”

    1. Hi Nell Jean,

      Thanks for coming by. We do get snow, but haven’t had any that has stuck this year. It is now almost 2 pm here, and the temperature has not climbed out of the 30’s. At least now it is sunny. Hope that you have a great week.



  1. These pictures are gorgeous! I love the frost and snow on the gardens…Mother Nature has stunning effects.
    Saw you sharing at the Power of Pinterest Party and I’m pinning!
    Debbie 🙂


    1. Hi Debra,

      Thanks and thanks for stopping by. It was pretty cold going out and snapping those images, but I liked the shots I got. I would love to have a macro lens to get up closer.


    1. Hi Latane,

      Thank you and thanks for stopping by. I find the patterns frost makes to be beautiful and endlessly fascinating. Hope you have a wonderful week.



    1. Hi Emile,

      It has been pretty cold, but hopefully getting better by this weekend. Thanks for visiting and for your moment.



    1. Carol,

      Thanks and thanks or stopping. The frost has been pretty this week, but it is getting warmer, so we will probably have rin in no time. Hope that you have a great week.



  2. What gorgeous pictures! We have had record breaking cold. The coldest temps we have seen in years. I am looking forward to some warmer weather. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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