How To Make Quick And Easy Homemade Parchment

Parchment Making MosaicWith all of the fall and Winter Holidays approaching I thought I would be fun to show you How To Make Quick And Easy Homemade Parchment. It’s great for making Note Cards, Calendar Covers, Envelopes, or Journal Covers.

What You Need To Make ParchmentTo get started, all you need is some Wax Paper, Plastic Wrap, Three Sheets of Paper, Scissors or Decorative Edge Scissors and some Dried Flowers or Leaves.

Pieces Of Wax Paper And Plastic WrapFirst, Tear off a piece of Wax Paper the size of the project you want to make also Tear off a piece of Plastic Wrap.

Crumpled Wax PaperTake your Wax Paper and crumple it up into a ball.

Smoothed Out Wax PaperThen Open the Wax Paper back up and smooth it out until it lies flat.  The crinkles will give your paper a nice  “Parchmenty” look.

Wax Paper Folded In HalfNext, Fold the piece of Wax Paper in half.

Inserted Plastic Wrap To FoldNow take your Plastic Wrap and lay it on top of the Wax Paper starting at the fold keeping the Clingy Side Up. This should be the side that adheres best.  (Please be aware that not all Plastic Wrap works as a good “glue”.  Try a different kind if it doesn’t work at all.  Most that I have tried will work, even if imperfectly.)

Dried FlowersSprinkle some of your Dried Flowers or Leaves on top of the Plastic Wrap.

Parchment SandwichNext, fold the Wax Paper over the Plastic Wrap to form a Parchment Sandwich.

Protective Paper On Ironing BoardThen, go to your ironing board and put them Two pieces of Protective Paper on top of the ironing board cover and turn on your iron to a medium heat.

Parchment Sandwich On Ironing BoardPlace Parchment Sandwich on top of the paper making sure that None of the Plastic Wrap touches the ironing board cover and

More Protective Paper On TopCover this with another piece of Paper to protect your iron from the Wax Paper and Plastic Wrap.

Pressing Parchment SandwichNow you are ready to iron. Begin pressing your Parchment Sandwich, first on One Side and then the Other making sure that you cover all areas of the Parchment. The layers should stick together.

Trim Parchment EdgesYou now have a piece of Homemade Parchment ready to finish the edges. One edge finish I like is a Torn Edge. The edges can also be Cut with regular Scissors or Decorative Edge Scissors. If you are going to use a Torn Edge, you need to Tear it Immediately after Pressing, so that it will tear more Easily.

Parchment Edge StylesAfter you finish your edges the way you want them, press your Parchment again to make sure that it sticks together and stable.

Making A Parchment Note CardI like to make Note Cards with my Parchment. To do so, you first need to fold your piece of Parchment in half.

Making Note Card InsertNow, take a piece of Pretty Paper or Wrapping Paper. Fold this in half , and cut a little smaller than your note card.

Attaching Note Card InsertInsert the paper into your Note Card and tack down with glue or you can bind it with ribbon or string, tying it on the outside.

Tying Note Card Insert 1Tying Note Card Insert – 1

Tying Note Card Insert 2Tying Note Card Insert – 2

Tying Note Card Insert 3Tying Note Card Insert – 3

Finished Parchment Note CardYou now have a Finished Parchment Note Card.

If you like to do Stamping, you can Stamp your Note Card fairly easily. However, they are difficult to write on.

You can use the same process to make an Envelope for your Note Card.

Homemade Parchment is also nice to use for Calendar Covers or Journal Covers. The only limit is your imagination.

Here is a brief video of the that I made of the process of Making Quick And Easy Homemade Parchment.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.  Have fun making your own Homemade Parchment and make sure you let me know what kind of projects you have used it for.



26 Replies to “How To Make Quick And Easy Homemade Parchment”

    1. Cindy,

      Thanks. This is really easy to do and I love the results. It does not have the brownish color of some parchment, but does have the crinkly look.



    1. Lisa,

      Thanks. Hope your boys enjoy doing it. It is a really easy project. Some plastic wrap is better than others at binding the wax paper together, though. I like the fact that the result is a fairly stiff paper.



    1. Hi Gayle,

      Thanks for visiting and for your comment and Follow. Glad you liked the tutorial. It is a fun project. I don’t get a lot of tutorials up, but hope to in the future.



    1. Carolynn,

      Thanks. Your violas will look lovely with this. I have tried it a lot with violets and other small flowers. Works nicely with pine needles for Winter crafts. The example I used was lavender leaves, which makes a very nice smell.



    1. Laurie,

      Thanks. No I don’t remember the melted crayons, but do remember layering black crayon on top of multi colors and then etching a picture.



    1. Carol,

      Thanks. This is so easy to do. Maximum time is about ten minutes to make the parchment and a little more time to make the cards.



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