Grape Stomp

I have Made Wine off and on for years  (My link for How to Make Wine).  My ex-husband positively forbade me to Stomp them.  Lol.  I didn’t listen.   Now, our early fall days are still warm and sunny, and our part of Oregon has some wonderful wineries. This last weekend we had the chance to go to Willamette Valley Vineyards for a Grape Stomp and Wine Tasting. Oh, boy, I could Stomp if I wanted to.   No, I didn’t really stomp.  This was a contest.  But I did watch the Stompers, sampled some wine, and had lunch.  Many people were there watching the Stompers, tasting wine, listening to the band, and  having a picnic on the green.  We had a great time.  Here are some of my photos.

 Grape Stomp Mosaic
Yeah, baby!
 Willamette Valley Winery
Willamette Valley Vineyards is where the Grape Stop was.  This great winery is a short ten minutes from my house, and they have some really good award winning wines.
Vista From The Winery
Just take a look at the vista from this winery.
Winery Vineyards
Just take a look at the grapes they are Stomping in the winery vineyards..
 Grape Stomp Admission
Now, Come on and Stomp.
Coming To The Wine Stomp
Admission Area.  We paid $10 for the wine tasting and Grape Stomp activities.
Wine Tasting Room
We went right on to the Wine Tasting Room to choose what we wanted to take home, and to decide on what wine we wanted with our lunch.
Stomping Grapes
After making our selections and buying some food, we ate and went on to Grape Stomping.  This was really fun to watch.  This was a competition who can stomp the most within three minutes.  A kid actually won this.
Wine Barrels
Wine Barrels for all that wine.  (Well not really.  This was just for fun.)  But these are really some of the wine barrels that they use.  They sell the used ones to people to make planters.  I want one.
Grape Stomp Picknickers
Stomping done, we hung out and did some people watching of the Stomp watchers and picknickers.
Wine For The Picknickers
Some wine for the picknickers set up outside.
More Grape Stomp Picknickers
Some more of the picknickers.
Libation of this wonderful wine.
In all, this was really fun.  We had a great time, and we took home some really nice wine.  Can’t wait to have some with dinner.


24 Replies to “Grape Stomp”

  1. Indeed looks like you had a great time! And what a stunning location to do a bit of stomping. ;p Thank you so much for sharing this, it was a real joy to read this post.

    (Found you through Katherine’s Blog Hop by the way.)


  2. Hi Yael,

    I have to say I have never stomped grapes, but it sure looks like fun! Glad you had a great day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos with us. Did the grapes stain your feet (hee hee).


    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks for visiting. This was a blast, good fun, good wine and good food. They actually used green grapes, so no stained feet. I’m sure that was by design, but it would have been fun to see purple feet. Lol.



  3. It looks like a good time, Yael! Our local winery has grape-stomping, grape picking, breakfast, lunch and a t shirt for a $25 admission. I’ve never done it. I think I am more the type who goes when they have music and sits in the sun with a nice glass of wine.


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