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This morning, reading the paper, I was reminded that contrary to how it seems on wet, spring days, there are plants slugs hate.  Since I am sure I’m not the only person whose garden is plagued by these creatures, I decided to put together a list of ones that I have found.

By John Loo from
In.general, slug resistant plants are those with rough or hairy leaves, like a lot of herbs; plants that have strong scents, again like herbs; and plants with nasty sap, like euphorbias.  I also made some comments about why I think something is a slug resistant plant, and noted where this doesn’t really seem to be true.  So, here they are:
.  Ajuga
.  Alchemilla mollis (lady’s mantle)
.  Alyssum (small, fine foliage and flowers?)
.  Armeria (fuzzy leaves)
.  Artemisia
.  Anemone (fall-blooming types)(textured, rough leaves)
.  Aquilegia (columbine)
.  Astilbe (slightly prickly leaves)
.  Astrantia (masterwort)
.  Bachelors buttons 
.  Bergenia (thick, fleshy leaves)
.  Calendula (they loved mine)
.  Canterbury bells
.  Cosmos
.  Crocosmia (oh yeah, they love mine)
.  Daisy (African)(textured, rough leaves)
.  Dianthus
.  Euphorbia (nasty sap)
.  Ferns (probably hard to crawl on with many leaflets)
.  Forget-me-not (seed heads are rough)
.  Fuchsia
.  Geranium (cranesbill)(rough leaves)
.  Grasses (ornamental types)
.  Helleborus (hellebore)
.  Hemerocallis (daylily) (they like mine just fine)
.  Heuchera (coral bells)
.  Hydrangea
.  Iris (unfortunately, they love mine)
.  Lavendula (lavender)(fuzzy leaves, strong scent)
.  Love in a mist
.  Money plant
.  Narcissus (daffodil)
.  Nasturtiums (strong flavor, but black aphids love them)
.  Pansy
.  Paeonia (peony)
.  Pelargonium (annual geranium)(may have fuzzy leaves or scented)
.  Penstemon
.  Phlox
.  Poppy (oriental)(fuzzy leaves)
.  Potentilla
.  Rosa (rose) 
.  Sedum
.  Snap dragons
.  Tulipa (tulip)
.  Vinca (Vinca minor, V. major)
I hope that this slug resistant plant list helps in the battle to keep the garden slug free.  
If it doesn’t here are a few ways to keep slugs at bay with other slug control methods.  Copper stripping is mildly electric when their slime comes in contact with it and repels slugs.  Also, less toxic slug bait with iron phosphate (like Sluggo) is less harmful to pets, but works with slugs.  It should still be used so that pets can’t get to it.  Beer in a container really works, too; and poses the least risk to any pets.  The best way to assure no harm comes to your pets is to go out in the early morning with a pair of scissors and take out your own frustrations on these pests.  Happy Slug Control.

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  1. Good list! Last year I went all commando on slugs, beer trapping and searching them out in the evening. After getting rid of so many slugs then, I’m enjoying a rather slug free year so far! Though I’m now seeing far more snails than before…


    1. Indie,

      Here is to a slug free year. May they all be slug free, relatively speaking. I just keep on patrolling, some years less than others. I forgot one other way to Get them….lay down boards, and check the underside in the morning. Yeah!



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