I Joined Wordless Wednesday

I just joined Wordless Wednesday.  I can’t really manage to be wordless.  I have such a nice thing to tell you about.  If you follow my blog, you know I have three kitties who live in my garden.  They are my Garden Kitties.  My kitties are the feature of this post.  And I’m going to give them an official spot on the blog sideline as my garden guards.  So here are my kitties:


Esther is the matriarch.  She came to us from the barn of a tack and feed store.  She is 15 and does very well at finding any spot in the sun that she can.


Zoe is my middle kitty.  She is a rescue kitty that we got from the pound.  Zoe is our mouser, bird catcher and keeps her humans under control.


Raja is the youngest, a 2 year old kitten, really.  He is always Very Busy and has to explore everything.  He also terrorizes his sisters, who dish right back.  He is also a rescue kitty from the pound. 

This is about as wordless as I can be about the kitties in my garden on Wordless Wednesday .  Soon I will get them into the sidebar of this blog.


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    1. Bernieh,

      Thanks. Having kitties liven up the garden. And Esther is quite the girl.



  1. Seeing your photo on the side of your blog made me catch my breath!!! We had a sweet sweet boy, Rudy – who is no longer with us, that looks so much like her. His hair was longer, but had the same coloring and white up his nose like Esther. We too have 3 kitties, but they don’t go outside. The two older ones are allowed on the deck from time to time, but not often.


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