Mosaic Monday 5/7/12

It’s Mosaic Monday 5/7/12.  I hope your spring gardens are blooming as nicely as mine this morning.  It is still rather chilly here and the tomatoes I purchased at this weekend’s plant sale are tucked away in the protected area of my garage.  Here is what I have blooming, though on this fine May morning.

Mosaic Monday 5/7/12 1

My dogwood is putting on quite a show with its dark pink blooms.  We have another in the front yard that has paler blossoms.

One of my new plant purchases is this beautiful Mt. Airy Fothergilla.  I plan to repot this and plant it in the ground next year.

And here is one of my miniature irises blooming.  My tall bearded irises are just beginning to show buds, but this one is one of my miniatures that is blooming or has bloomed already.

Here is what I think is my Clematis Montana Rubens Superba.  I purchased one three years ago, and it didn’t seem to like where it was, so I dug it up last year and put it in a pot.  It is doing very well now and has these beautiful flowere to go along with the purple foliage.  The only thing is that now I found another pot with the tag for Rubens Superba, so I am wondering if I potted up two pieces that both survived.  Good !

Mosaic Monday 5/7/12 2

My tree peony just started blooming yesterday.  I can’t find the tag, so I am not sure of the variety. After one move and two replantings, I am not surprised.  I just know that I love it.

This little Geranium, Espresso, is one of my new acquisitions. I just love the coppery foliage and pink blooms.

Here my alliums are just starting to open up.  I planted a bunch last fall, and I can’t wait to see them in bloom.

And last but not least is my White Star Lithodora.  I love these, and wish I had room for more.

Well, that’s about it for Mosaic Monday 5/7/12.  Thanks to Mary from Dear Little Red House for hostessing it.  Now I think I’ll go on over and see what others have posted there.

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