Mosaic Monday Italy

I confess that on this Mosaic Monday Italy, I have a few more of my Italy photos of gardens and wildflowers to share.  Here are some more from the three cities that we toured – Venice, Florence and Rome.

The first mosaic has four photos of some window gardens along the Grand Canal in Venice, a gondola parked in front of a restaurant with a vine or shrub climbing a trellis there, the colorful houses of the island of Burano, and another shot of Burano with a Mediterranean Pine.
Next come a mosaic of Florence withan interestingly pruned potted shrub at the Ufizzi Galery, the fountain at the Medici Palace with the garden in the background, an Etruscan wine cellar still in use 2500 years later by a wonderful Tuscan winery.  The last photo is actually in Rome at the Borghese Palace Garden.
Lastly, comes photos of Rome, the Eternal City.  ThUe first image shows grass among the ruins of the gladiator quarters next to the Roman Colliseum, a broken marble piece with the image of a laurel branch (bay leaves), wildflowers among the ruins of the Roman port city of Ostia Antica and huge jars embedded in the soil also at Ostia Antica (we think for grain – they were huge).
That’s about it for this Mosaic Monday.  Our trip was fun and interesting.  Now I think I will go on over to Dear Little Red House to see what some other folks have to share.
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