Beware The Ides Of March – Gardens Of Italy

Beware The Ides Of March – The Forum And Other Places In Italy

This Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is very unique. Not only did we just finish a wonderful tour of Italy and many of its historical and artistic sites, but it is also the Ides Of March, which is significant in Roman history as the day the Roman Republic ended with the assassination of Julius Caesar.

I have some phenomenal photos of our trip, mostly of historical and artistic significance, but I also managed to get some beautiful photos of gardens in Italy. Even though we started our trip in Venice, I will start with the photos of the remains of the Roman Forum, which was the civic hub of ancient Rome. After all, these are the Ides of March. Then I will go back to the beginning with a few photos of window and patio gardens I saw in Venice, a few photos of Florence and Tuscany and end up again in Rome with gardens of the Vatican, since this is the actual order of our trip. I hope you enjoy.

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum with wildflowers.  Roman Senate to the right.

 Roman Forum With Wildflowrs

Julius Caesar’s burial place.

Julius Caesars Cremation Place
Italian Pine at the Roman Forum.
Italian Pine At Roman Forum
Wildflowers on the Palatine Hill in Rome.
Wildflowers On Palatine
Back to the beginning in Venice.
Window Gardens Venice Italy. We saw this from the water taxi in Venice.

Window Gardens Venice Italy

Farmers Market Venice Italy. This farmers market was a few minutes from our hotel in Venice

Farmers Market Venice Italy

Very Old Grape Vine Venice Italy. I loved this huge and old this vine

Very Old Grape Vine Venice Italy
Woman tending her herb pots in Venice Italy. This has to be my favorite gardening shot of the whole trip?
Woman Tending Window Herb Pots
On to Florence Italy.
Garden at the Medici Palace Florence Italy. This garden and the Palace were beautiful.
Medici Palace Gardens Florence Italy
Vineyard and olive groves of winery in Tuscany about halfway between Florence and Rome. We stopped for some wonderful wine tasting here on our way from Florence to Rome.
Winery In Tuscany

Here is a photo of some of the winery buildings. The wine tasting was wonderful.

Winery Buildings
And on to Roma, with the Vatican, Colliseum and Forum.
Gardens of the Vatican. We had a brief respite for lunch here after touring the Vatican Museum art galleries and the Sistine Chapel. An amazing visit.
Gardens At The Vatican

A view of the St Peters Basilica through the trees of the Vatican.

St Peters Bassilica Thru Vatican Trees

Grass among the stones of the Roman Colliseum.

Grasses In Floor Of Roman Colliseum

I hope you enjoyed the gardens and countryside we saw in Italy. I’m already ready to go back.
That is about what I have for this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I would like to thank May Dreams Gardens for letting me share some of what I saw in Italy. Ciao!
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