Mosaic Monday – 2-6-2012

Mosaic Monday – 2-6-2012

Happy Mosaic Monday – 2-5-12.  I hope that you are starting to see some signs that spring may actually get here.  I live in the Pacific Northwest in Zone 7-8, and we are really having some serious signs of spring.  I know, I have been taking photos of every millimeter that my daffodil sprouts grow.  Am I trying to hurry too hard?

Mosaic Monday 2-6-12a

Here are a few more of those signs of spring and a couple of extra photos of my garden and bird inspectors, my cats.  I have two mosaics for you.

The first is a picture of Orange Boy, Raja, asleep on the cradenza by my dining room window.

I now have flowers blooming on my sarcocca.  The flowers are miniscule in size, but have a fragrance that is huge.  I have the shrub still in a pot by the door, but I think that I have finally found a place for it in the shade.

Also in the first mosaic is a picture of cyclamen that are now blooming.  I have two cyclamen, one that blooms in fall that is a light pink and this one that is a very vibrant magenta.

The grass is my Mexican Feather Grass that is beginning to send up it’s feathery blade of grass.

Mosaic Monday 2-6-12b

The second mosaic has a picture of my lamium, which has not stopped blooming since late summer.  It has been amazing to see it send out periodic blooms in the middle of winter.

My purple hellebore is getting ready to bloom.

And here is one of our more beautiful sunrises in the Willamette Valley.

Lastly, is my little girl kitty, Zoe, sitting on her perch by the front window.  She is in for the night in this picture and still wants to go out.

Well, that is about it for this Mosaic Monday, and this is what is happening in the garden.  Now I think I will go on over to Dear Little Red House to see what others have posted.

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