Mosaic Monday – 1-30-2012

Mosaic Monday – 1-30-2012

Mosaic Monday - 1-30-12Here it is Mosaic Monday again, and bit by bit I am seeing increasing signs that spring is on its way.  Take a look at some of the shoots that are coming up along with a look back at those flowers as they were last summer.

A boulder with moss and lichen.

This is a rainy afternoon, but the humming birds are here.

The first daffodils poking their heads above ground.

And here are the first of our Snow Drops, just beginning to bloom.

Some of our tulips are also popping up.  Soon we will have some tulips like this.

The irises are beginning to show some green, although they are getting slug eaten.  It’s time to bring out the Sluggo.

Our many irises wil have some like this “Edith Wolford” iris. (One of my favorites.)

Quite a few of our roses are beginning to have green shoots.  It is almost time to prune my roses to get them ready for the blooms to come.

This dainty single rose is what this rose will become in the summer.

Our daylilies are also beginning to come up.

And this is one of our ever increasing collection of daylilies.  It is our only white one (or nearly white.)

That is about it for this Mosaic Monday from my garden.  Thanks to Carol from Dear Little Red House for being our hostess.

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