How To Sharpen Garden Tools

How To Sharpen Garden Tools And Keep Them In Good Repair

How To Sharpen Garden Tools
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You will want to know How To Sharpen Garden Tools so that you can preserve them and keep them in good repair. If you have not done this earlier in the fall or winter, now is the time for sharpening garden tools and for cleaning them. It really is not that hard to do, and it is really important to keep your Garden Tools in good repair so that they will last for many years.

If you do not feel confident about sharpening them yourself, many garden centers have either clinics to teach this or they bring someone in the center who will sharpen your tools for you. Now is the time to start looking for this, although it may be a little early in some parts of the country.

Here is a brief video How To Sharpen Garden Tools

Steps For Sharpening Garden Tools

  • Use file to file underside (not top side) of, shovels, weeding tools or on exterior edge of pruning tools (I usually pay to have this done for me)
  • Clean tool using brush, file, or your hands to get dirt off
  • Use steel wool on rusty spots or where resin or other plant material has stuck to tool to remove it.
  • Apply oil of some kind to tool (I use vegetable oil rather than motor oil) to preserve it.
  • If the wood handles are getting dried out, use orange oil or another wood oil to preserve wood

I hope that this brief video and explanation of How To Sharpen Garden Tools and clean them has been helpful to you. Doing this regularly will insure that you have tools that will last a long time and continue to be useful in your garden.

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