Mosaic Monday – Taste Of Winter

Mosaic Monday – Taste Of Winter

It’s Mosaic Monday and this has certainly been a week.  The Pacific Northwest has been hammered by crazy weather.  Seattle has had a foot of snow on hills.  People were skiing or sledding down hills.  The next day they had freezing rain.  Now warmer rain is turning everything into mush.

We, on the other hand had a dusting of snow…my orange kitty’s first snow.  That was fun to watch.  See the video on my Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post.  The snow turned to 5 inches of warm rain over two days with high winds.  Now it is just raining, and will continue to rain.

These are some of the images of the snow that we had.

Mosaic Monday - Taste Of Winter a

The first group shows my Raja in his first snow Doing the Meerkat.

This was the view of a snowy garden bench through my front window.

Here is Raja again, by the remains of my Halloween pumpkins, now covered in snow.

I put this bouquet of flowers outside, because I am allergic to the Stargazer lilies and goldenrod that were in a bouquet we bought, and I was sneezing like mad.

Mosaic Monday -Taste Of Winter bHere, the snow is dusting my Stinking Hellebore.

The contorted filbert has a coating of snow, and my orange kitty is just barely visible on the fence.

Snow also covered my rhodies, like this one.

This flowering quince is now barren and covered with snow, but in about three months will have apricot colored blooms.

That is about it for our images of snow in the garden.  Now I believe that I will go on over to Dear Little Red House to see what images others have of this past week.



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    1. If I had a blank slate, I would plant primarily for winter. The spring, summer and fall usually take care of themselves, but winter interest is often neglected. At my previous home, we had a witchhazel that bloomed in February as well as multiple sarcococca that bloomed almost now as well as many hellebores. I have no room for a witchhazel here, but have planted a few hellebores and have a sarcococca ready to go in the ground.


  1. Looks like Raja was quite taken with the adventure of SNOW!!! I think dustings of snow are lovely … just no more than that! Thanks for the book recommendation.


    1. Snap,

      Raja had a really good time in the snow until it got too wet and stuck between his toes. Then he just shook his feet and kept licking his paws. I agree with you. I li”dusting” of snow and not much more. Don’t like slipping and sliding. This was just right.



  2. Oh, no! You’re allergic to Stargazers?? That’s too bad. I LOVE that flower, though it does have an overpowering fragrance. Even outdoors, in the garden. Glad to see you’re holding up okay with all the nasty weather pounding your garden. Great pics!


    1. Kate,

      Allergic to stargazers….Sniff…Sad but true. I love them too. At least when they are outside, I’m not affected. It is really sad, though, when I have to put the bouquets outside.



    1. Thanks for coming by. It was fun to see for about a day. You have some lovely snow photos on your blog, and it looks like you get a lot more than I do. I returned the favor.



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