Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Kitty’s First Snow

It’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Kitty’s First Snow. My little two year old kitty, who was too squirrelly to let out last winter, was ready for his first snow in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I awaited with IPad in hand to record this momentous occasion, ready to see his reactions to putting his paws into the snow and then watch him shake it off. I was not disappointed. Watch his first reactions in this brief video.

The rest of my offerings are of our garden in snow after Raja has gotten a feel for snow. The first image is of Raja on the fence looking out between the branches of my neighbor’s contorted filbert.

Raja In Snowy Tree

My sedum in the snow.Sedum In Snow

The backyard pathway in the snow.

Next comes our beauty berry with snow making a lacy pattern near our back deck.

Lacy Beauty Berry Branches With Snow

And these are the vibrant purple berries on my other beauty berry.

Beauty Berries In Snow

In my side yard is this enormous sword fern, covered in snow.

And the bright berries of my fringe flower are covered in snow.

Fringe Flower With Berries In Winter

My favorite spot to sit is this bench, now covered in snow.

While my black mondo grass and miscanthus have a dusting of the white stuff.

Black Mondo Grass And Miscanthus In Snow

The seed heads of my echanacea reminded me of the vibrant purple flowers of summer.

Echinacea Seedheads In The Snow

And lastly, is the cluster of grasses I have in the front, poking up through the inch or so of new snow.

First Snow On Cluster Of Grasses

Much of the snow is melting now that the temperature is above freezing, yet it continues to fall. We will see what wins – the snow or the melting in my garden.

I believe that I will post this now and rerun on over to May Dreams Gardens to dream of May and see what others have to show off this fine January day.


6 Replies to “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Kitty’s First Snow”

  1. Cute kitties. My guy is really not a cat person and we agreed not to have any, but I miss cats. Not their hair though. So snowy where you are. It feels odd seeing all these snowy posts, when we are complaining about too much sunshine (I know, am I rubbing it in too much!) But we need rain, actually. Our gardens are drying out and getting stressed (central coast California). I’ll have to go check out your “moasaic monday” posts I see up there!!


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for coming by. This was our first snow (only a little more than an inch), which mostly melted by one or two this afternoon. We will have some more overnight, but that turns to rain by tomorrow. Sorry to hear about your rain situation, but I am envious of all the beautiful flowers I saw in your post. You are about two to three months ahead of us with the flowering currant. We have a red one, which I love.



    1. Leslie,

      Thanks. My orange boy had an interesting time in his first snow. However, today it is even sloppier and he got snow encrusted between his toes, which he didn’t like at all. He came in fast today.



    1. Toni,
      We usually have a few snows a year, but usually not more than two or three inches at a time, and they usually melt quickly. I just looked outside and the dump we got today has mostly melted, and it is raining.



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