Mosaic Monday And Signs Of Life

Mosaic Monday And Signs Of Life

Mosaic Monday And Signs Of LifeIts Mosaic Monday and signs of life are appearing in my garden. I have noticed far more than the few swelling flower buds I shared for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in December. It now seems that most of my shrubs are showing buds beginning to swell for both leaves and flowers. Take a look. Signs that spring will be coming.

This first image is fairly good picture of my Stinking Hellebore that began blooming a week or so ago. I love Stinky. It is about the first thing I have blooming every year.

I have noticed several shoots on one of my Clematises. I do not know the name of this one but it gives very pretty red flowers in summer.

The buds on one of my Blueberry bushes are getting fatter and fatter. Here are several of them. I am still trying to get this blueberry established, so will likely prune off the flowers so the blueberry can put energy into growing the plant.

This is my Lilac and I have had a few single buds for quite some time, but now all of the buds are getting ever bigger.

The buds on my Dogwood are also beginning to swell. This dogwood has lovely pink blooms around April.

The next image is of my Exbury Azalea. They are deciduous, and this one has lovely vivid orange and pink flowers. This is a new azalea that I bought last year. I can see that there are quite a few buds on it this year.

This is my neighbors Contorted Filbert with catkins that are beginning to elongate. This is such a cool tree. I love the twisted branches and the catkins that will get up to six inches long it about a month or two.

I can see that my Elderberry is getting some nice buds. The elderberry has gorgeous purple black foliage and pink flowers. It is a fairly young shrub, but is starting to fill out nicely.

My Muscari is up nicely now. I can’t wait until they start blooming. These are planted in a large patch under my dogwood. These are a pretty dark blue. I have a few other varieties of muscari, but these are the ones that I have mostly.

The next image is of the remains of the Rose Hips on my Rugosas. They are still holding up and are still pretty.

And last image is of the moon at sunset that I took yesterday. I also posted this image on this sites Facebook page.  I put it here as well, because I really like this image.  (You can go there and “Like” the page or just look in the sidebar.)

Well, this is my offering from my garden for Mosaic Monday. Id like to thank Mary of Dear Little Red House for hostessing it. Now I believe that I will go on over there and see what other people have to show off.


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  1. Leslie,

    I envy you for seeing hyacinths and daffodils. I don’t have any of those yet. I have seen some daffodils up though elsewhere, even with a couple of buds. I can hardly wait myself.



    1. Our until now mild winter is turning cold this weekend. We are slated to have our first snow. Hope the snow protects all the shoots that are popping up around here. I actually saw vinca buds yesterday that were already purple.



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