Have A Happy New Year 2012

Hoping the that everyone has a Healthy and Happy New Year 2012.  One full of flowers, family and good fortune.
New Years Party At Home

Our New Years Party At Home

And joining in the festivities are our three kitties who celebrate by eating cat treats and playing with paper sacks and tissue paper.
Raja - Bird Watcher

Raja, The Bird Watcher
Zoe - Mouser Extraordinaire

Zoe, our mouser extraordinaire (outside, that is)
Esther - Sun Spot Finder

And Esther, the Sunspot Finder (and Couch Lounger).

Stinking Hellebore With Buds

And the first of our flowers of the year are our Hellebores.  Flowers on my Stinking Hellebore is now opening up.

We have also purchased some pretty primroses, which are always the first flowers I look for around New Years.  (No photos yet.)

But, here are some pictures of last years spring poppies, which will come soon.  My muscari are all showing foliage.

Can’t wait for Spring.  Here is to a great year Gardening and enjoying the beauty around us!


4 Replies to “Have A Happy New Year 2012”

  1. Happy New year. Those cats remind me of my old cat especially the black one he was a trip especially every midnight he used to run against the walls and couch just like a race track hehe.


  2. All the best for the new year. It looks like your garden is coming along nicely! There has been a lot of rain in Australia in the last few weeks, so everything looks nice and green. Very strange for this time of the year!


    1. @DavidAC

      David, Thanks for coming by. Good to hear that you are staying green there in Australia. It sounds like things usually brown up in mid-summer. Have a Happy New Year and good rest of your summer.



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