Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Winter Garden Spring Promise

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Winter Garden Spring Promise

Its Garden Bloggers Bloom Day again and looking out on my Winter Garden, I see a leaf covered ground (yes, I let most of my leaves lay making mulch) and dried grasses and winter berries.  The only things blooming are my hellebores.  Yet even here, are buds with a Spring Promise.  Take a look at some of the images of my garden.

These are the remains of my garden.  Dried grasses and plants with berries.
Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Winter Grasses

The remains of my grasses are now dried.
Black Mondo Grass Berries Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

My Black Mondo Grass has some really cool, shiny black berries on them.  Most have fallen off, but here are some peeking through.
Fringe Flower Berries

My Fringe Flower has some really beautiful red berries on it.
Evergreen Blueberry

And my Evergreen Blueberry has its red winter color which I will have all winter long.

By contrast, here are some images of Spring Promise with buds, just waiting to bloom.
Stinking Hellebore With Buds

My Stinking Hellebore has buds that should bloom around the beginning of January.  I can hardly wait.  I love Stinky.

The Sarcococca awaits with very tiny buds that you can hardly see, waiting to greet me with incredible fragrance in mid winter.
Pieris With Buds

This Pieris With Buds will bloom later, but is very fragrant as well.  This Pieris’ buds are turning a beautiful pink already, and will turn even more pink as spring approaches.  I have these outside my front door and outside my back door.
Daphne Odora With Buds

This Daphne With Buds is also very fragrant, and is just off my deck.  I will be treated by more fragrance outside my back door.
Rhody With Buds

And here is my Rhody With Buds.  The buds are small now, but I will have a gorgeous magenta Rhody in May.

This bit of winter interest is my offering for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on this rainy December day.  Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for letting me share this Winter Garden and Spring Promise.


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    1. @ScottWeber

      Scott, Thanks for coming by. Everything is pretty dry here. Until a week ago I still had Cape Fuschia blooming, but with the cold snap, it’s all gone. All of my grasses are dry now. I’m leaving them until for awhile yet, though. I love my winter stuff, and have planted as much as possible for winter interest..



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