Mosaic Monday – Winter Musings

Mosaic Monday – Winter Musings

Mosaic Monday - Winter MusingsIts Mosaic Monday again and this time there is not much going on in my garden, so I thought that I would share with you some Winter Musings photos.

The two things going on in my garden were the kitties on the fence looking into my dining room who are the book ends for this mosaic.  The orange boy is Raja and my little black kitty girl is Zoe.

Next come two photos of fog banks as seen from an elevated location.  The first photo faces west and overlooks a low spot in the Willamette Valley Oregon with fog that has settled in with us above the fog.  The second photo looks east from the same location toward the Cascade Mountains.  But fog has settled into the valley to the east and also completely obscures the Cascades.

About three weeks ago we spent a weekend in Portland Oregon with some friends.  We stayed at a really cool hotel with very Art Deco decor and massive photos of 30’s and 40’s movie stars like Marlene Deitrich and Humphrey Bogart.  The ambiance was everything and the hotel itself was as much a destination as the other activities we did in Portland.

The first of these photos shows the gorgeous glass door complete with door men.  The second photo is of the street from our hotel window.  And the last of these photos is of a mural wall that rotated pictures of different movie stars about every ten minutes.

The last of our photos were taken at the same winery where we previously went for wine tasting.  This time we were there just for a Friday lunch.

Beyond that, about the only things we are doing in our garden are the the clean-up chores, which are not nearly as fun or glamorous as our excursions.  Today we pruned some barberry, ouch!  And it never got out of the 30’s. Thanks to Mary at Little Red House for letting me share.

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