Mosaic Monday – Our Wine Tasting Outing

Mosaic Monday – Our Wine Tasting Outing

It’s a Mosaic Monday yet again. We are finally getting all of the perennials cut back, so almost nothing is blooming in Our Garden. However that does not mean we are not having fun. Last weekend we went and did some wine tasting at a local winery.

Mosaic Monday - Wine Tasting Fall OutingWe live in the Willamette Valley, so there are lots of good wineries around. The one we went to its only 10 minutes from our house. It is call them Willamette Valley Vineyards. It has some really good wines. In fact, it received an award this year for 2011 Winery of the Year from Wine and Spirits.  We have a membership in their wine club, so we get to go to wine tastings and have to get discounts and other good stuff on some of the good wines that they have.

This Monday’ mosaic shows the winery’s vineyards and our wine tasting as well as a few of the wines that we got. Not a very large mosaic, but the results are some good wines for us.  You can see the beautiful vineyards that are visible from the winery as well as the wine tasting room and last, but not least, our wine acquisitions.

This is but one of many wineries in our area. There is another a little further away that has great brunches on Sunday morning. I’ll get pics of that one another time.

This is all from me this Mosaic Monday. Now I think I’ll go over to see other mosaics at Dear Little Red House.




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  1. Well, how lucky are you? Living in my most favorite spot. My daughter is getting married out there next September. I keep making up new excuses to go out there and help with the plans. But, really, I just want to pay another visit to the 4 Graces. 🙂


    1. Kate,

      Congratulations on the pending wedding. Summer is a wonderful time in Oregon and the Northwest in general. Perfect time for a wedding.

      I had not heard of 4 Graces winery, but in looking it up, I see that they have a tasting room in Dundee, down the road from the Ponzi Winery tasting room, which is another of my favorites. Next time I am in Dundee, I will try them too. I love being in wine country. 🙂

      Hope your daughter has a lovely wedding.



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