Garden Bloggers Bloom Day November

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day November

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day passed me yet again. Here it is November 20th, and I haven’t posted anything yet. I hope it’s not too late to add my offerings. So here they go.

There is not much blooming in my Home Garden. I did find a few scant blooms which I will post. Most of the things I have blooming are my Christmas cactuses and a mum which are indoors.
Magenta Christmas Cacuts Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I have three magenta and white Christmas cactuses.
White Christmas Cactus

One white one.
Yellow Orange Christmas Cactus

And this very unusual yellow orange Christmas cactus.
Red And Orange Mum

This bright orange and yellow mum was a gift.
Lonely Schizostylis Bloom

Outside, I have this lonely schizostylus blooming…almost done now. I also found some Jacobs ladder blooming, but didn’t get a decent photo.
Burning Bush Berries

My burning bush has stopped burning, but has left me with these beautiful berries.
Annas Hummingbird In Burning Bush

Look up top the burning bush at one of our Anna’s humming birds that overwinters here. They are still here and still involved in Hummingbird Wars.
Leaves On Coral Bark Maple

And last, are the remains of the leaves on our coral bark maple.

That is about it in my garden this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Now I think I will head over to May Dreams Gardens to see what everyone else has left in their gardens this November.


5 Replies to “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day November”

  1. My Christmas cactus are blooming now, also. I hope they will bloom again. You do have a few noteworthy blooms left outside. Here, not much but then this gardener is ready to tuck in just like the winter bulbs.


    1. Layanee,
      Christmas cactuses are so nice to have this time of year when little else is blooming. I have tried getting as many different colored ones as I can.



  2. Your white one looks a lot like mine, with the magenta interior and style that give it a pinkish look. Lovely blooms!

    We are having rain every day so it’s hard to work outside now, but I covered some figs and their destination beds with plastic so I can hopefully move them when it lets up. I’m used to tucking it up at the end of the gardening season too.


    1. Hannah,

      It is that time of year to get everything wrapped up for the year. I still have some perennials to cut back and the remaining bulbs to plant. Like you, the rain is interfering with some of that.

      Happy Thanksgiving!



  3. My Christmas cactus (all varieties) are blooming beautifully right now. I recall that my grandmother could force them to bloom right at Christmas. She left her’s out on her screened in porch all summer and brought them in before the first dip down into weather below 60’s. I have done the same thing but it doesn’t quite make it to Christmas before it blooms. In fact, sometimes it blooms earlier! This year, one of mine bloomed in early October.

    Do you know what the trick is to making it last out a bit longer before blooming?



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