No Its Not Too Late To Plant Spring Bulbs

No Its Not Too Late To Plant Spring Bulbs

Its Not Too Late To Plant Spring Bulbs

No, it’s not too late to plant spring bulbs.  It’s mid November and you may be asking yourself, is it too late to plant spring bulbs?  Chances are that you still can plant them.  I know that I still have a bag of alliums out in my garage that I need to get in the ground. 

In general, when to plant spring bulbs is about four to six weeks before a hard frost, or when the night temperatures are about 40-50 degrees.  This lets the bulbs begin to develop roots before real hard winter conditions set in.   The weather in my area is still perfect for planting spring bulbs, although it is starting to rain.  Late December may be another matter.

Even if it is colder than this in your area, you can still plant spring bulbs as long as the ground is not yet frozen.  As long as you can work the ground, you can still plant.  The down side is that they may not bloom the first year.  

Even if the planting conditions are not the best and the ground freezes hard, you can always plant your bulbs in a large pot and move it into the garage until late winter.  You may want to put some Spring Bulbs In Containers, anyway, as bulbs at your front door will be really pretty. 

Make sure to plant spring bulbs at a depth of about three to four times the width of the bulb.  Also, put a little bit of bulb food into the planting hole.  So this means that you will plant tulips or daffodils at a depth of about six inches and muscari at a depth of about two inches.

However, if you forget to plant some, don’t worry, just plant them when you find them.  Bulbs are hardy things and even if they don’t bloom the first year, there is always next year.  I know that when I moved into my new house, my irises (which are tubers and not bulbs) were in boxes for about six months.  I planted all of them in March.  Almost all of them survived and even a few of them bloomed the first year.  Most of them bloomed the following year.

So, go ahead and plant your spring bulbs.  Even if it is too cold to plant in the ground, at least you can put them in some pots.  I am still working on my bulbs and look forward to some pretty spring flowers in my Home Garden.

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