Mosaic Monday – November 7

Mosaic Monday – November 7

Mosaic Monday - November 7Here it is Mosaic Monday again.  Halloween has passed and it is getting colder.  My Christmas cactus are starting to bloom and Standard Time has started.   Here are a few of the photos I have of my garden.  Only a few blooms left and the garden is slowly but surely going to bed, although my trees still have their fall color.  Time no for some backyard birding.  Here is my autumn mosaic on this first weekend of Standard Time.

The first photo is of my autumn flag.  It has replaced the Halloween one I had up through October.

My Japanese maple is turning a beautiful shade of yellow with some maroon at the ends of the branches.

While a neighbors tree is still putting on a show of red and orange.

Next comes my favorite blueberry is turning ever darker maroon and is now losing its leaves.

Here are two of my kitties.  Zoe is my little black one eating grass and the orange boy is Raja.  They were perfect Halloween cats.  I have one other, who is grey and white.

My burning bush is starting to lose its leaves, revealing the berries.  My dogwood beside it has already lost almost all of its leaves.

Last fall, I bought a bungee feeder for squirrels.  The squirrels never did go after the corn cobs, but the Scrub Jays are having a field day with them.  They have been polishing off ears of corn is a day or two.

My Annas hummingbirds are still here, although you  can just barely see her.
Here is the end of my garden.  I have gotten most of the perennials cut back in this section.  Now I can really see how much weed grass has encroached.  I hope that I can work on this before it really gets cold.

Finally, here is one of my Christmas cactuses.  I have quite a few of these in different colors or red, pink, white and even a peach colored one.

These are the offerings I have from my garden for this Mosaic Monday.  I think I will go on over to Dear Little Red House to see what other pictures people have to show off.

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