Mosaic Monday – Trip To A Pumpkin Farm

Mosaic Monday – Trip To A Pumpkin Farm

Mosaic Monday - Trip To A Pumpkin Farm 

Good morning Mosaic Monday. It’s time for Halloween, and I just took a trip to a pumpkin farm to choose all of my pumpkins. I got some really cool pumpkins this year, and it’s a lot cheaper than buying from the supermarket.

I like to get different sizes and different shapes of pumpkins. I prefer the ones with the bumps and lumps rather than the nice smooth, round pumpkins. I wish I could say I grew them in my Home Garden, but that was not to be this year. Take a look at what I got and what I saw.

In the upper corner of my mosaic you can see my collection pumpkins at my front door.

No, here we are at he pumpkin farm. They have stacks of bailed hay with kids climbing up onto them. You can also see a corner of the pumpkin patch and a corner of the pumpkin patch.

This is new paragraph this is a photo of a white pumpkin ith orange marbeling. This is one the largest of the pumpkins that we got.

And here you can see some carved pumpkins on the doorstep of one of my neighbors. He must have about eight or nine carve pumpkins, all with different, elaborate carving patterns. Very cool.

Here is the darkest orange pumpkin that we got. I really like these dark orange ones and the well defined ridges.

At the pumpkin patch, they have hayrides. Here you can see the hayride truck pulling a load of folks going for a hayride.

This is my yellow and dark green pumpkin. I like the color contrast on these. We looked for one with some orange on it, but we liked the shape of this one best.

The barn was decorated with stacked bales of hay and corn sheaves, as well as games for kids.

This cute little pumpkin, with it’s alternating white and orange stripes, is the smallest one we got.

Also inside the barn, are the crowds of people with their loads of pumpkins ready to get checked out.

One of my favorite pumpkins, is the lumpy one. He is small, but he has lots of character.

And last but not least is a picture of the pumpkin fields with the corn in the background you can see a few people out in the field trying to pick out the pumpkins.

That is it for this Mosaic Monday.  I plan to collect some of the pumpkin seeds afterwards and see if I can grow some in my Vegetable Garden next year.  I’ll be going now to take a look at some of the other mosaics at Dear Little Red House. Have a Happy Halloween!


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  1. Roberta.

    >>I like the variety and all of the different colors and textures of the pumpkins.

    That is one of the things that I really love, picking all different shapes and colors.



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