Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – October

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – October

I hope I’m not too late for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. We have been very busy over the weekend. It was an absolutely glorious weekend, in which we planted bulbs and went to a pumpkin farm to get our pumpkins for Halloween.

Here on Monday morning it’s foggy and kind of chilly. It is supposed to get warm this afternoon and be sunny but right now it looks like most of the other autumn days that we have been having.

The photos I took were all from this morning from both my front and back windows.

Autumn Foggy Day Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

The first is a look out my back door of our autumn fog. We will have lots more days like this until new years.
Autumn Dogwood And Grass

From my front window, is an image of our dogwood with now deep red foliage with one of my favorite grasses up close.

Blueberry Wit Red Autumn Foliage

The foliage on my blueberry has gotten even redder than it was before.

Crocosmia Lucifer With Seedheads

Now, my crocosmia lucifer has only these cool seed heads.

Japanese Maple Beginning Fall Foliage

This is a look up our front window of our Japanese maple that is now beginning to turn color.

My Pumpkin Collection

And last, but not least, it’s a picture of the assortment of pumpkins I purchased at a pumpkin farm just yesterday. Getting ready for Halloween.

That is about all I have now for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on this October morning. I think I’ll take a trip on over to May Dreams Gardens to see what other bloggers have in their Home Gardens this fine October morning.


10 Replies to “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – October”

    1. Layanee, Thanks. It is interesting, yesterday was foggy until noon then gave us a glorious afternoon in which I put out a bunch of bulbs. Today it is still early and in the low 40’s and the sun is blazing in promise of a 70 degree day.


  1. Love the dogwood and the maple. Such beautiful colors. I love how the garden puts on a great show in autumn, even if it has to be viewed from inside! Happy GBBD!


    1. Holley,
      Autumn is such a great time of year. I love the colors, which are now really coming on in our area. My neighbors see leaves to rake. I see compost.


  2. Lovely pictures, Yael.
    It’s getting quite chilly here in Yorkshire and lots of early morning fog.
    The colour of the dogwood reminds me of the colours here on the Yorkshire Moors as the heather turns purple. Glorious!


  3. Alan,

    It is getting chilly here as well. I think that heather is so lovely. I don’t have any in my current house, but had quite a few in my previous home. I tried to get ones that bloomed at different times of year. I can only imagine what it is like to see a field or moor full of them.



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