Mosaic Monday – A Very Autumn Day

Mosaic Monday – A Very Autumn Day

Mosaic Monday - A Very Autumn Day

It is Mosaic Monday once again, and this is a Very Autumn Day. Saturday had been so beautiful, and today it is rainy and windy. Autumn is showing itself. So is my garden. Here are a few photos that are signs of the times.

The center photo is of a beautiful grass that turns brilliant red in fall. I just happened to see the early rays of sun on it very early on Saturday, and rushed for my camera. I captured this stunning shot. However, by the time I ran to find my SLR camera, that beautiful sun effect had passed – in only a matter of minutes. I feel lucky to have gotten the shot I did.

Also on the top row are the remains of my echinacea with some wonderful seed heads. Some of the seeds have dropped and are already sprouting.  

Likewise, my day lily has gone to seed. I wonder if I could get any of them to sprout? Just maybe I will try it.

I am already putting out some of my Halloween decorations. I have this cool wire cat up against one of the large rocks in my front yard.

While the photo of the skeleton on a bicycle is one I took in front of our local bird supplies store. I have a similar witch – the wheels twirl around in the wind.

My little yellow metal cat is peeking out from around the hostas. This works for Halloween, but we have this out all year.

The crocosmia Lucifer has some lovely seed heads on it, and I will just let it stay that way as long as I can.

Underneath one of my grasses were hundreds of sprouts of foxglove, ensuring a lovely summer display next year. I am sure that they are sprouting in other areas of my yard as well.

The wind and rain are whipping some trees around on our block. See them bend in the wind.

The hummingbirds are still here. If you look closely, you will see one taking off from the dogwood in our back yard. Both our Rufous and Annas humming birds are still here. The Roufous will be leaving soon, while the Annas stay all year.

Today’s rain collects on a not so little volunteer Japanese maple I have in a pot. I am finding a spot for the maple in my garden soon.

I found the seed heads from the vine geraniums rather interesting and took a picture of them. They have been blooming in flamingo pink all summer, and these are their seeds. I still have some flowering.

And last is a picture of where a huge tree across the street lost a very large limb last week when there was no wind. The limb fell almost all the way to my side of the street. Thank goodness, no one and nothing was harmed. Today the city was out and will be removing the tree as it is rotted where the limb fell off.

Well, that is it for this Mosaic Monday in my garden. Why not take a look at some other great sites on the Mosaic tour at Dear Little Red House.


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      That grass is one of my favorites. It is green all summer until around mid to late September when it starts to turn to a red that becomes brilliant.



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