Mosaic Monday – October 3

Mosaic Monday – October 3

Mosaic Monday - October 3

It’s Mosaic Monday and it is definitely Autumn. It is still warm (in the 60’s) but color is increasing on all the trees. I harvested the last of my tomatoes yesterday. Leaves are starting to accumulate on the ground. And it is starting to rain….most of this week. So in light of our beginning fall weather, here are some of the photos from my garden and beyond that signify the changing season.

The first two photos are of leaves that have fallen on my sidewalks. I will soon see lots more of them. On the other hand, my beans are still producing and I just started getting a harvest about a week ago. (These are ones I had not planted until late July.)

Next, you can see that my burning bush is starting to burn. I think the tags on these plants in the nurseries say maximum 10 feet in height. This one is at least 20 feet high…a small tree.

One of my blueberries is still producing, and the foliage is turning a nice red and yellow. This one is “Chandler”, and I still have it in a pot. I cut most of the flowers off early this spring, so I could get it to grow. I didn’t see some of them, and I ended up getting quite a few delicious blueberries.

Last week, we went to Seattle. You can see that two of my photos have the Seattle skyline in it. One of them was taken from the Bremerton Ferry and the other was taken from the Columbia Center Observation Tower (76 stories up – we had a fabulous 360 view and saw everything from the Olympic Mountains to the Cascade Mountains, Mt. Rainier and the Space Needle).

You can see a photo of the back of a t-shirt I got at a Wine Stomp at a local winery with a view of the scenery in the background. I had some good shots of the stomping, but they were of kids which isn’t OK to post without permission.

Last, and certainly not least was the highlight of last week, which was ushering in the Jewish New Year. So, I have some photos of the Challah (Jewish egg bread) that I baked for the holiday.

Hope you enjoy these photos.  If you want to see some more great photos, go on over to Little Red House for a tour of other sights.

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